Effective Physician Marketing – Validated by Repeat Referrals

Effective physician marketing to us is like a boomerang—-we want every physician office referral to be so successful they want to send successive patients to your facility-every time.  When a new office sends their second patient to you, we feel jubilant. Their expectations have been met!! We demonstrate our appreciation to the referring office by a personal visit. We say “Thank You, and what can we do to better serve you.”

King’s physician marketing persons placed in your market are very happy with the first order, but the entire organization is pleased by second and successive referrals. Our hospital clients expect continuous referrals from all their physician practices. Our primary task-secure the first referral and then insure their subsequent patients get referred to your facility.  It takes training and experience to understand physician’s expectations.  King’s has paid the price in over 200 hospital markets to learn this art-to understand what is important to physicians.

With King’s, our hospital customers set the objectives and priorities. We develop and execute the plans aimed at achieving them. Our research and market development staff interview key personnel in your facility, asking the question, “What part of your work assignment helps bring the customer back.” We need to “know” how your people think.

 Our market analysis and this “first hand” physician and staff information guides King’s to new or improved service strategies. Yet, before we implement any new process or strategy we ask key personnel three critical questions;
1. “Will this step (new idea or process) bring the customer back?”

2.  “Can you measure the results of taking this action?”  We know that “measured processes attain results.”

3.  “Should we do this even if it is not quantifiable?” This measures the staff enthusiasm for change.
King’s will receive far more information in these face-to-face interviews than can be found in volumes of statistics. We attain deep and rich information. We will communicate back to you;

- The physicians mood regarding the hospital’s personnel and its services

- Sensitive process or personnel criticisms that are never revealed to hospital employees

- Ideas about how the hospital can improve physician relationships

There is no substitute for being there…. it is what we do! King’s candid interviews are the only way to get a “feel” for your physician’s attitudes and what they expect and desire from the hospital.  Most important of all, King’s continuously delivers comprehensive “verbatim feedback” to you in the form of “actionable information and proven recommendations.”




Radiology Department Management

Radiology can be a crown jewel for any hospital.  It can be a significant revenue generator and it can also represent the hospital’s most advanced technology, often the key to the facilities community image and healthcare leadership.  While Radiology can be the cornerstone of opportunity, it can also be the most difficult department to manage.  

Beginning in 1990, King’s has owned and operated diagnostic imaging businesses in hospitals and outpatient centers.  We consider it our core business. King’s Medical has built an entire company around the principles and processes learned from experience in over 200 markets with both hospitals and outpatient centers.  Aligning referring physicians, radiologists, hospital administrators, and the radiology staff to improve patient outcomes is challenging.

King’s has been successful due four proven and unique programs that dramatically improve;

1. Referral target marketing and education

2. Physician, radiologists and administration relationships                    

3. Staffing and operations

4. Patient satisfaction

King’s proprietary physician management software tracks individual physician referrals and total referrals from each office. King’s marketers input verbatim interview data into the software each day from referring office personnel and physicians. This data, accessible to hospital executives, is the source of constant feedback regarding referring physicians, radiologists and daily marketing activity.

With King’s proprietary benchmark data, hospital executives are able to see typical volumes by specialty from other King’s sites compared to current volumes from their medical staff.  This benchmark data by specialty identifies physicians that do not refer, and those who do not refer for specific indications.

King’s frequent physician and staff educational visits increases referrals and where applicable, we continually seek scans for specific indications.  Breast MRI is an example. Now recognized by NCS as appropriate for millions of women, King’s introduces breast radiology specifically breast cancer MRI (BMRI) to hospital physicians and ultimately to all women in the hospitals target markets.  King’s will survey oncologists and tumor board participants and identify a breast imaging champion from the medical staff. Often King’s invites outside experts (from other King’s hospital partners) to explain the benefits of beginning a BMRI program. King’s will complete the program by supplying breast MRI-trained radiologists as needed, train technologists and then introduce the program with marketing campaigns to referring physicians and to women throughout the hospitals marketing area.

The four distinct programs noted above are measureable and sustainable, and reasons King’s is capable of managing radiology departments to optimize profits, physicians referrals and patient satisfaction.

Hospital Market Share Investment Strategy

In competitive markets, hospital executives fight to increase physician referrals and add incremental patients. Growing current market share is a continuing battle. Hospital staff is reaching for solutions such as marketing campaigns, e-newsletters, and web site search engine optimization plans. Some continue to use health screening, health fair exhibits and, of course, the annual golf outing to increase revenue…but, is it working?

King’s increases hospital market shares the hard way.  Since 1981, in over 200 markets, Kings has proven the most powerful way to acquire patients is to meet face-to-face with referring physicians. King’s skilled field personnel present meaningful reasons… in physician’s offices… as to why your hospital services are best for their individual practice of medicine. Frankly, we have yet to find a referral strategy that can regularly provide the results that  “King’s Feet on the Street”  creates.

King’s radiology department assessment, created through the eyes of referring physicians, reveals their unvarnished objections. King’s identifies the problems… then provides and implements solutions—- results-generating solutions, proven at other King’s hospital clients.  Hospital executives and staff, physicians as well as patients win when investments are made to improve radiology department management and patient experiences.

When you partner with King’s to improve the hospital revenue and quality of care, we facilitate and market these meaningful improvements. Physicians and their staffs appreciate the newly implemented processes and then they “move on to your side” with their referrals.   Once they are “on the hospitals side,” physician relationships improve and revenue grows

Shared solutions begin with “King’s Feet on the Street.”  Investing in shared solutions with King’s may be the best revenue growth investment!

Eight Secrets to Physician Alignment

The nation’s finest hospitals all have excellent physician/ C-suite relationships. They are built upon trust, respect, commitment, frequent communications and successful conflict resolution programs.

  1. A physician liaison must be assigned, empowered and equipped to meet the needs of both parties, and must be accountable for targeted results
  2. Incentives for throughput and patient satisfaction must be established
  3. Understanding physician needs (personal and professional) are paramount to physician satisfaction.
  4. Support practices for volume grow, profitably, operations and logical expansion
  5. Create recognition programs, public acknowledgment of practice excellence
  6. Listen carefully-physician surveys and open-ended status discussions must be frequent
  7. Physician satisfaction and physician benchmarking must be measured against bottom line targets
  8. Specific physician marketing activities must be correlated to specific volume and physician satisfaction goals

Since 1981 King’s Medical has worked with hospitals and physicians to improve care in over 200 markets. To request additional King’s Medical Physician Alignment data and to discuss a confidential Site Identification Report for your market see the offer on this page.

King’s Medical Breast MRI Services Help Cancer Patients Survive and Improves Your Womens Services Market Position.

When your hospital begins the King’s Medical 4D Breast MRI service you will soon see thousands of women become hopeful because your facility becomes a market leader in breast health for your physicians and patients. The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates 192,370 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and 62,000 additional women will be diagnosed with non-invasive breast cancer in 2009.

The ACS is recommending Breast MRI for women with dense breasts and breast implants. Breast MRI is also used for pre-operative planning, local staging of breast cancer and to assess the effects of breast cancer treatment. Further, annual Breast MRI’s are now recognized as a vital study for patients with a history of breast cancer.

You can offer your patients King’s 4D Breast MRI. It is the radiology program that has studied over 15,000 breast cases. King’s Breast MRI is not a substitute for mammography, yet you may experience more screening and mammography cases in your facility.  Breast MRI Studies often detect an early stage tumor before the tumor is large enough to be found by physician examination or mammography study. Further, new information distributed by the ACS recommends Breast MRI for women with an increased risk of breast cancer.

• Family members that have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation

• Women with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer

• Women who when between 10 to 30 received radiation for a chest disease

• Women with dense breast tissue

An Effective Breast MRI Program Requires More Experience and More Technology

4D Breast MRI from King’s Medical is unique.  It is the combination of the MRI breast coils, specific MRI protocols and trained radiologists. Radiologists must have special breast interpretation training and be willing to interpret an average of 4,000 images per patient.

For MRI services that have no Breast specialty there are 2 primary problems:

1. Time needed to interpret BMRI

2. Accuracy due to lack of

Properly interrupted 4D Breast MRI studies average 30 to 40 minutes per case and few radiologists have the time it takes or see enough cases to become experts in BMRI. Without reading dozens of cases each week, achieving a high level of accuracy is very difficult.

King’s radiology resources have read more than 15,000 Breast MRI cases offering the highest level of expertise.

King’s Medical Group begins with your market opportunity

1.  Assessment of your current market versus market potential

2.  Recommendation for the correct systems, upgrades, breast coils (can be provided on a variable cost basis)

3.  Hiring/Training techs

4.  Marketing BMRI to primary and secondary markets

5.  Aligning physicians to maximize referrals

Image Interpretation

1.  King’s will facilitate the sub-specialty read for all breast exams

2.  The Breast MRI Institute will provide specially trained Breast MRI radiologist to interrupt your images.

3.  The Breast MRI Institute will also supply the addition of protocols and train your technologists on your MRI.

No other hospital or clinic service in your primary market can offer women this level of service. Our data proves that the 4D Breast MRI program can add as many as six studies per day. Physicians referring to our radiologist’s 4D Breast MRI facilities are on record as being highly satisfied with the results of this program.

King’s will market this service to your physicians and community. A dedicated BMRI marketing specialist will educate the physician office staffs and provide colorful and informative data for both the physicians, office staffs and their patients.

A King’s operations manager will supervise each field activity and report progress on a monthly basis through the use of King’s proprietary software, which allows timely and accurate reporting.

King’s Medical 4D Breast MRI Benefits

Significant reduction in Breast MRI start-up costs.

Breast MRI studies will grow as will additional ancillary and unrelated studies for your facility and radiologists.

(1.42 studies for every breast study conducted)

Superior patient clinical outcomes.

King’s 4D Breast MRI service is turn-key, allowing you to develop, manage and grow your Breast MRI service.

Our radiologists only focus is on breast MRI.

Professional experience interpreting thousands of 4D Breast MRI cases.

Case sensitivity and specificity over 96%.

Detection of cancers as small as 3mm.

No need to purchase and acquire the required CAD system coils or software on your end, King’s will provide them.

No threat to your current radiologist group; they will see a revenue increase without the liability associated with this exam.

Decrease liability from mammograms for both the facility and your radiologists.

No need to add an additional radiologist to the current group to read Breast MRI.

Frees up valuable time for your current radiologists. Radiologists in today’s environment do not have the required time (over an hour per case ) to adequately interpret this complex study.

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